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Welcome To BH Building Service!

Here's Why You Should Choose BH Building Service for Your Next Remodeling Project

BH Building Service is a family owned and operated remodeling company that performs high quality work and puts you first. We treat you as we would our friends and family. Unlike the "big box chains" and the "fly by nighters", we are here to stay and I take everything personally. You are not just a transaction, you are a friend! We take the time to get to know you and to find out about your likes and dislikes. We do this even if you only need a minor repair. Why? Because we are convinced that after we serve you, BH Building Service will be the only remodeler you call in the future.

The word Service is in our name for a reason. To serve is to give of yourself for the benefit of others. This is how we feel about you. I could have called professionals in to help choose a fancy name based on demographics that would have caught everyone's attention. Instead, I chose a down to earth name that says what we do and who we are. Our goal is not "Shock and Awe" but, to serve you, our customer.

We are not for everyone. If you just want things thrown together or just want to do what it takes to make it work for now, that's not us. If you are just bargain shopping and plan to take the cheapest price, please realize that we don't cut the corners that would make it possible for us to offer the lowest price. Our work is a direct reflection on us, and we do it with pride. You will get value for the investment you make in our services. If you don't want excellent service, don't call us.

Brian Hastings, President